An Introduction to the Life of Michael Davitt

The actions and influences of Michael Davitt, an important figure in our national history, helped to contribute towards the shaping of modern Ireland. A unique and forward-thinking individual, over the course of his career he developed from a physical force revolutionary to a constitutional politician, and would go on to become a powerful and prominent social activist for causes across the world. His role in the formation and organisation of the Land League changed the lives of the tenant farmer class from which he originated, and his methods and achievements with the League would serve as inspiration for a variety of social radicals and revolutionaries across the world. Davitt’s early life and experiences would go on to shape his moral, social and political views, and provide him with a continued thirst for justice for those who had been oppressed and exploited.

Activist, social reformer, radical, internationalist, journalist, politician, and human rights campaigner – the activities of one man born to an impoverished tenant farmer family in the heart of Mayo would go on to impact both Ireland and the world.

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Death & Legacy

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